Innovation - YesChef - Nancy Silverton - USA

November 2019. The YesChef team travels to Los Angeles, California to finish the adventure we started with Nancy Silverton in Italy. Once again I was behind the still camera shooting the action and dishes while the rest of the team was filming lessons and capturing her unique story. Nancy Silverton needs little introduction, holding a Michelin star for her flagship restaurant Osteria Mozza, a James Beard Outstanding Chef award winner and author of highly influential cookbooks. She has been on a journey of perfection to make the world delicious and we were there to capture the magic. YesChef is an innovative platform where the best chefs in the world teach home cooking. It combines immersive story telling and hands on classes with cutting edge technology and user experience. Transferring the viewer into the best possible home chef they can be.

Innovation - YesChef - Dario Cecchini - Italy

July 2019. While shooting with Nancy Silverton for YesChef in Umbria Italy, our team decided to pay a visit to the legendary Italian butcher and chef Dario Cecchini. A personal friend of Nancy, Dario is an 8th generation butcher who became world famous for his sustainable nose to tale philosophy. He re-popularising a classic of Tuscan cuisine the Bistecca Fiorentina along with less famous cuts of meat, in an era of global vegan and vegetarian trends. In 2019 the creators of Chef’s Table, dedicated an episode to the eccentric butcher in season 6, which further contributed to his reputation of being the best butcher in the world. We spent the day with Dario at his butcher shop/restaurant Antica Macelleria Cecchini in the Tuscan village of Panzano. Dario is extremely passionate about his craft and philosophy and welcomed the whole team into his personal universe. I was lucky to have some of Dario’s time and managed to document him work, do a portrait and capture his juicy steaks while the rest of the team was filming. The result will be available soon in YesChef, an online platform where the best chefs in the world teach you how to cook at home.

Innovation - YesChef - Nancy Silverton - Italy

In July 2019 after a successful pilot with chef Edward Lee in Louisville Kentucky, YesChef continued to its next exciting project. This time around, our chef was the amazing Nancy Silverton from Los Angeles California. Silverton is a legendary American baker, a Michelin star chef and author of numerous influential cook books. She is the owner of the Mozza restaurants group in Los Angeles and winner of  Outstanding Chef, James Beard Foundation Award (2014) among many other awards. She became world famous in 2017 when Chef’s Table dedicated an episode to her in the 3rd season. The production team met at her country house in Umbria Italy, for a week of shooting video and stills in the region. Focusing on simple and delicious recipes with Italian roots that inspire her approach to cooking in America. Our week in Italy established the back story and narrative for our forthcoming shoot with her in L.A at the end of 2019. I had the pleasure of shadowing her during the shoot in Italy, taking pictures of her food creations, capturing personal portraits and documenting the general atmosphere. The content was created to be used in the YesChef platform, an online cooking school where the best chefs in the world teach how to cook at home. Check out her story and lessons along with other exclusive content available with a pre-launch offer at YesChef.

Innovation - YesChef - Edward Lee - USA

In June 2019 after many months of planning and preparations, I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky USA to take part of the first YesChef production, featuring Chef Edward Lee. YesChef is an innovative tech company combining high-end culinary content from the best chefs in the world with cutting edge educational technology. With this new online platform, the best chefs in the world teach you how to cook amazing cuisines from your own home kitchen. In the 12 days our international production team spent in Kentucky, I was in charge of still photography with a strong focus on food and portraits. Our pilot chef Edward Lee, is a restaurateur and author that created his unique take on Korean cuisine with a southern cooking twist. Known for his appearance on the show The Mind of a Chef and his film Fermented. He currently owns four restaurants in the US and won the James Beard Award 2019 for his book Buttermilk Graffiti. He also heads the Lee Initiative for young female chefs. Our next production features Chef Nancy Silverton from L.A. owner of the Mozza Restaurant Group. She will be taking YesChef members on a tasty trip in Umbria, Italy. Get your pre-launch discount while its still available at YesChef.

Catalogue - Millennium Images

The new Millennium Images catalogue came out in the beginning of 2020. One of my images, represented by the London based agency was selected to be featured along side an amazing cast of photographers and images. This is the 6th edition of the catalogue created in the 24 years the agency existed. As always their catalogue has a unique form and style. This time the design is a concertina-style book and the concept explores the ‘workings of time’. Set over a 24 hour period it takes its viewer on a journey from the dead of night to the golden light of a summer afternoon. See the original image they selected bellow.

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