Innovation - YesChef - Dario Cecchini - Italy

July 2019. While shooting with Nancy Silverton for YesChef in Umbria Italy, our team decided to pay a visit to the legendary Italian butcher and chef Dario Cecchini. A personal friend of Nancy, Dario is an 8th generation butcher who became world famous for his sustainable nose to tale philosophy. He re-popularising a classic of Tuscan cuisine the Bistecca Fiorentina along with less famous cuts of meat, in an era of global vegan and vegetarian trends. In 2019 the creators of Chef’s Table, dedicated an episode to the eccentric butcher in season 6, which further contributed to his reputation of being the best butcher in the world. We spent the day with Dario at his butcher shop/restaurant Antica Macelleria Cecchini in the Tuscan village of Panzano. Dario is extremely passionate about his craft and philosophy and welcomed the whole team into his personal universe. I was lucky to have some of Dario’s time and managed to document him work, do a portrait and capture his juicy steaks while the rest of the team was filming. The result will be available soon in YesChef, an online platform where the best chefs in the world teach you how to cook at home.

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