Award - Royal Photographic Society

In the Spring of 2009 I was honoured to find out that my work will be published by The Royal Photographic Society in their 152nd print exhibition and catalogue. The RPS is the oldest organisation associated with photography in the world, many great scientists and artists were members of the society since it was established in 1853. Although I didn’t make it to the cover, two of my prints from the series ‘Aller Retour’ will appear in the catalogue. The show opened on May 19th 2009 and travelled across the UK until March 2010. 2,000 prints were submitted from 500 photographers worldwide and 121 were selected for the exhibition. 

Publication - NH carnival

For the first post in my new website I decided to go back as far as I could remember and revisit my first ever published work. Although it looks seriously outdated I am still proud of it today. It was 12 years ago, the year was 2004 and I was 24 years old. I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer or at least a Magnum member. I just moved to London and the first event I thought might be worth documenting seriously was the Notting Hill Carnival. On that year it was celebrating its 40th anniversary and I dived in feeling I could be the next Bruce Davidson or Sebastian Salgado, At the time I was still shooting film on an old 35mm Canon I got from my late grandfather. Surprisingly, an Israeli magazine I grew up with called Voyage wanted to publish the work and that was it, I was hooked…

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