Commission - Vanguard Festival #02

In August 2015 I came back to photograph the 3rd Vanguard Festival in Copenhagen. After the success of the 2014 festival the organisers kept the classic hiphop vibe with some twists including electronic, funk and dub performances. The lineup was fantastic with veterans such as The Sugarhill GangLee Scratch Perry and Roy Ayers performing next to Jay Electronica, Mob Deep and Dead Prez. The music was great, the weather was decent and people were having a great time which made my job of capturing the festival’s vibe much easier…

PR - Den Frie - Peter Land

In June 2015, I was commissioned by art space Den Frie in Copenhagen to do some PR work for their up coming summer exhibition. The show titled PSYCHOSOMATIC – Does it hurt when you laugh?” features the fantastic work of Danish artist Peter Land. This exhibition is the largest show to date showing his wonderful, dark and humorous sculpture installations. You can see some of his work through the images I shot but in fairness it can’t beat going down there and seeing it in 3D

Restaurent - Nimb

In March 2015 I was commissioned by the Nimb group in Copenhagen to do some PR work for their new upcoming restaurant Fru Nimb. It was right down my alley with a few food shots, some chefs working in the kitchen and staff portraits. The concept for the restaurant is to reinvent the Danish smørrebrød, the classic open faced rye bread sandwich and other favourite old danish recipes. It is looking very promising…

Stocksy - Halloween

2015 marked the year that I started looking differently at stock photography. At that point I was a contributor at Stocksy United for a year and I could see that Stocksy really managed to create an amazing alternative to the cliche, exhausting imagery you find in the big corporate libraries. With Halloween coming in October I decided to do an alternative halloween shoot. One that doesn’t have kids, parents and candy all over them. I am glad stocksy accepted them and even curated a few of them, it shows you can do things in a different way…

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Commission - Vanguard Festival #01

In August 2014 I was commissioned to photograph the 2nd Vanguard Festival in Copenhagen. My assignment of capturing Vanguard’s unique crowd and atmosphere turned out to be a delight as the sun was shinning and there was a great turnout of 10,000 people in the two days of the festival. Although Babyshambles cancelled in the last minute because Pete Doherty missed his flight the people got to see a great lineup with names such as George Clinton, Red Man & Method Man, The Roots and Mos Def. The Festival is slowly becoming one of Copenhagen’s best events with a strong emphasis on hiphop.

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