Innovation - YesChef - Edward Lee - USA

In June 2019 after many months of planning and preparations, I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky USA to take part of the first YesChef production, featuring Chef Edward Lee. YesChef is an innovative tech company combining high-end culinary content from the best chefs in the world with cutting edge educational technology. With this new online platform, the best chefs in the world teach you how to cook amazing cuisines from your own home kitchen. In the 12 days our international production team spent in Kentucky, I was in charge of still photography with a strong focus on food and portraits. Our pilot chef Edward Lee, is a restaurateur and author that created his unique take on Korean cuisine with a southern cooking twist. Known for his appearance on the show The Mind of a Chef and his film Fermented. He currently owns four restaurants in the US and won the James Beard Award 2019 for his book Buttermilk Graffiti. He also heads the Lee Initiative for young female chefs. Our next production features Chef Nancy Silverton from L.A. owner of the Mozza Restaurant Group. She will be taking YesChef members on a tasty trip in Umbria, Italy. Get your pre-launch discount while its still available at YesChef.

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