Book Cover - The Year of the Runaways

I have been in the business of selling my images for many years but I am still often surprised to see how the images I create get used by clients and become something different. This case might be the most intriguing for me so far, as the end result has nothing to do with the original. At the beginning of 2017 Millennium Images, representing a collection of my images sold a picture I shot while traveling through Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh in India. The image was used to illustrate a book cover by Sunjeev Sahota titled “The Year of the Runaways” released by Penguin Random House. As you can see the creator of the book cover saw something completely different to what I focused on while capturing the image. In many ways this is what I love about photography, the ability to have multiple points of focus or narrative based on the personal experience and background of the viewer…

Exhibition - Alex Da Corte

September 2016 brought a very interesting commission. Heart museum of contemporary art in Denmark commissioned me to shoot Alex Da Corte’s first solo exhibition outside the USA. Based on Andy Warhol’s private possessions from the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Da Corte designed 4 beautiful, psychedelic, dream like rooms. It was a pleasure working with Da Corte and learning about his process of transforming everyday objects into art. The images will feature in a book coming out soon and the exhibition will be on until January 2017

Food - Pierre Sang Boyer

At the end of September 2016 I was commissioned to follow young rising chef from Paris, Pierre Sang Boyer as he was hoping between Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Cooking his beautiful food to a crowd of A list people from the travelling industry. The event was organised by Atout France to promote luxury tourism to France from the Scandinavian countries. It was a pleasure to meet this talented chef, combing elements from his personal story as an adopted child from Korea together with classic French elements from the country that adopted him

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