Food Magazine - Mad og Bolig #02

In October 2019, my work was featured for the second time in the Danish food magazine Mad og Bolig Nr.10. Apart from shooting, I also created the concept for the menu and the recipes featured. Once again, it was a 5 course fine dinning menu, but this time based on cooking outdoors directly on live fire, using burnt and smoked ingredients. The influence for the menu came from the French / Spanish / Italian Mediterranean region with a touch of the Middle East. The beautiful styling for the article was created by Theresa Blank Schjønning and the ceramics by Gurli Elbækgaard and Royal Copenhagen 

Book Cover - Listen To The Marriage

Mid 2019 I finally managed to put my hands on the book “Listen To The Marriage” by author John Jay Osborn. One of my images from the series “Aller Retour” was used to illustrate the book cover in a somewhat unexpected way. When it comes to my work being used in artwork by designers, its always interesting to see how it is used outside my world or the vision I had. Proving time after time that images have a life of their own and once they are out of your hands and in the free world, they evolve into something else. Millennium Images, representing my images out of London, sold this picture to publisher Farrar, Starus and Giroux which is part of the Macmillan Publishers group. Bellow you can see how they chose to use the image next to the original image I shot.

Innovation - Lumen #02

In the spring of 2019 I was commissioned for the 2nd time to shoot for the emerging startup Lumen. Lumen is combining nutritional knowledge with advanced biotechnology, to create a small device that analyses your metabolism in real time and gives you recommendations tailored to your own body. One of Lumen’s unique features is the device’s ability to communicate with an app on your phone that gives you specific food recommendations to optimise for weight loss and physical performance. In this shoot we enlarged their data base with over 250 tailored dishes, using fresh and healthy ingredients. Now there is no need to guess anymore, just blow in to the device and choose what to eat. The device is out now and shipping worldwide

Food Magazine - Mad og Bolig

In April 2019, my work was featured for the first time in the acclaimed Danish magazine Mad og Bolig Nr.06. This was also the first time that apart from shooting, I also created the entire menu. It was a 5 course fine dinning menu based on my interpretation of modern Middle Eastern cuisine as it evolved in my home town of Tel Aviv, Israel. Crucial in making the dessert happen was German chef Anne-Cathrine Preißer which worked with me on the popup nights at Apollo Bar CPH. She was also responsible for cooking and plating the whole menu (better then I ever could) during the photoshoot itself. 

I am also happy to announce that another feature in Mad og Bolig, Nr.10 will be coming later this year in September with a special theme I am proud of.

Food concept - BB@Apollo

In mid November 2018 I hosted my first ever restaurant pop event. Under the name Breaking Bread, the idea was to introduce modern Israeli food to the unsuspecting Danish palette and give it a little Scandinavian twist to make the experience more familiar to Danes. 

When I started working on the concept in the beginning of 2018, I had no idea it will turn into this big collaborative project. It launched me onto a new path in my professional life - Shifting from photographing food to making food for people and in the process I got to work with so many interesting individuals. 

The two days event was held at the beautiful Apollo Bar canteen, a fantastic spot in the centre of Copenhagen just inside Charlottenborg museum. It was a privilege to work with their amazing team and get to know chef Frederik Bille Brahe, the brain behind Atelier SeptemberApollo Bar + Kantine and Kafeteria. The first evening was sponsored by the Israeli Tourist Board and was aimed at the Danish press. The second evening was open for the public and I am glad to say that both nights were fully booked. About 80 people attended this Middle Eastern feast with cocktails, music, a variety of dishes, dessert and coffee. Crucial in making this event happen on a variety of levels, were talented chefs Elena Silcock and Anne-Cathrine Preißer, that helped me on the cooking side and the fantastic ladies of Sweet Sneak, a small agency specialising in developing food concepts, events and design.

The feedback from the 2 days was unbelievable and it is my feeling that CPH is ready for a fun dinning experience in a modern Middle Eastern style. I will hopefully be announcing new dates soon so check the Breaking Bread facebook group for updates about future dates and the concept in general.

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