Baking - Reviva & Celia

A while back, I was lucky enough to meet the head baker for Reviva & Celia. When he found out I was a food photographer he invited me to take pictures behind the scenes in one of the best bakeries I had the pleasure to sample. The work of a baker is one of hard labour and long hours. I was on set ready to shoot at 05:00AM just to find out the bakers have already been at it for a while. I was always fascinated by baking and this was a wonderful opportunity to see how its done at the highest level. Reviva & Celia located in Tel Aviv is a household name in Israel, synonym with delicious food and warm hospitality. It was established in 1988 by three talented ladies and quickly revolutionised the world of baking in Israel. Introducing the local market to wonderful French pastry and a variety of other baked goods and food.

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